Reach envisions a socially just community that prioritizes and empowers healing for all impacted by sexual violence.

Counseling Program

The Counseling Program provides evidence-based, trauma-specific therapies to treat the trauma resulting from violence and abuse.

Short-Term Crisis Counseling

Short-Term Crisis Counseling assists individuals in restoring a sense of safety, balance and stabilization to their lives after experiencing a traumatic event or stressor. Reach offers up to three crisis sessions at no charge to reduce negative responses and increase coping skills.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy utilizes best practices in trauma treatment to aid healing and recovery. These therapies are designed to treat the impact of trauma on the whole person. Trauma therapy embraces the survivor’s need to be respected, informed, connected and hopeful regarding their own recovery.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Children are the most vulnerable and powerless victims of sexual, physical and domestic abuse. Child and adolescent therapy encourages safety, support and family engagement. Child and adolescent therapists receive specialized training, utilizing both verbal and nonverbal skills with children and teens beginning at four years old. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is a very successful, evidence-based model used by Reach’s child and adolescent therapists.  This model requires family involvement in therapy.



Sexual Offender Treatment Program

The Sex Offender Treatment Program is designed to address the systemic needs of sexual offenders, victims and non-offending parents through comprehensive group therapy.


Community-Based Sex Offender Treatment

Treatment program for federally convicted sex offenders living in the Fox Valley Region.  This program offers both individual and group treatment aimed at changing sex offenders’ thoughts and behaviors, address areas of trauma for healing, and reduce recidivism among those completing treatment.  Our recidivism studies show only a 7% re-offense rate over 15 years after completing Reach’s treatment program, making it one of the most successful in Wisconsin. Program referrals come through local and federal agencies.


Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment

Reach works with males between the ages of 13-18 years who have been charged with sex offenses as minors.  This program is individualized to address the unique needs and concerns with younger offenders.   Referrals come from local organizations, human services, and juvenile justice.


Chapter 980, Sexual Violent Offender Program

Reach is contracted with Community Psychological Services (CPS) in Madison to provide treatment to sexually violent persons released to Counties in NE WI, after extensive confinement at Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center.  All referrals come through CPS.


Connections for Family Safety

Sex offenders are masterful manipulators. Reach provides Connections for Family Safety, an educational program focusing on partners, caregivers or family members of offenders who wish to act as chaperones.  This program helps partners understand the sex offender’s psyche, including thought processes and behaviors, and provides the tools necessary to act as a chaperone in public settings and events.


First Time Buyers Education Group 

This is a five-week psycho-educational program for men who are caught as first-time buyers of prostituted individuals.  These men have the option of taking the class or paying a much higher fine.  Successful completion of the course will defer prosecution.  This option is offered only to first-time offenders.

Advocacy Program

The Advocacy Program provides victim-centered response at area hospitals, with law enforcement and throughout the judicial system. Victim advocates provide safety planning, skill building, short term counseling and culturally specific services. All advocacy services are offered at no cost.


Medical and Legal Advocacy

Sexual assault, rape and incest can shatter a person’s sense of safety, self-worth and trust. Medical care is often needed during or shortly after the crisis period for STD treatment, pregnancy prevention and forensic evidence collection. Trained advocates work closely with local hospitals to provide 24/7 response.

Advocates assist victims and families while traversing the confusing legal system. It takes great courage and support to bring a perpetrator to justice and advocates provide unwavering support, informed direction and empathetic guidance. They also work as liaisons on victims’ behalf with other agencies, including law enforcement and district attorney’s offices.


Personal Advocacy

Survivors of sexual violence need support in coping with the aftermath of an assault. Reach advocates help individuals understand the effects of sexual assault, create safety plans and develop stronger coping skills toward healing.


Advocacy Support Groups

Reach conducts a variety of support groups for survivors of violence and abuse. Our current offerings include:

  • HOPE (Hang on, pain ends): Women Survivor Support Group
  • Black Women Support Group
  • Native American Talking Circle
  • Latina Women: Mujeres Adelante

For current meeting times and location(s), contact our office at 920-722-8150 or connect with our case manager Tracie at [email protected].

Prevention Education Program

The Prevention Education Program provides awareness in the schools and community. By creating awareness and understanding of the root causes of trauma, we are changing cultural stereotypes and norms that perpetuate violence and abuse.

School-Based Education

School-based education is presented from Pre-K through 12th grade. Programming begins with protective behaviors in elementary school and evolves into social norms and constructs, by-stander interventions, and sexual harassment and assault in high school. Reach educators work collaboratively with school personnel in Winnebago County to provide additional programming on current trends and issues.

Schools/Counselors: Click here to book your appointment.


This program targets kids at high risk of becoming victims of trafficking.  This five-week program presents the dangers of grooming and the reasons youth are vulnerable.  It gives vulnerable teens the opportunity to work together and connect in a safe and trusting environment.  This program is offered to local schools and youth-serving organizations.


Community Outreach & Awareness

Community outreach and awareness are key components to ending abuse and changing attitudes about violence. The effects of trauma and abuse are at the core of many public health issues we face in the Fox Valley. Reach helps local communities by providing professional trainings and educational events for corporate partners, healthcare providers, schools and service organizations.


If you are interested in having lunch and learns, Darkness2Light presentations or other educational opportunities call our office at 920-722-8150.

Indigenous Connections

Native Americans silently experience sexual assault at three times the rate of any other U.S. population. Indigenous Connections offers outreach, advocacy and support to Native American victims of sexual and domestic violence and their families. Tribal collaborations, support groups and educational services are provided throughout the Fox Valley. Group not currently being offered.


Latina/Latino Advocacy & Outreach

The Hispanic/Latino population is the fastest-growing group in the Fox Valley. Many adults immigrating to this area initially speak little to no English. This language barrier hinders understanding the legal and judicial processes. Reach’s Latina Outreach advocate provides education, advocacy, and translation services to Latino victims of sexual and domestic violence and their families.


Outreach & Advocacy to Youth and Teens

The rates of violence and abuse continue to grow in our local schools. Reach collaborates with Neenah/Menasha, Oshkosh and other school districts in Winnebago County to provide outreach, response and support to youth in need of these services.  Issues including, sexual harassment, sexting, school violence, and human trafficking are all concerns with which our youth are dealing.  The Youth Advocate will conduct support groups, provide outreach and response to those youth in need.  Referrals come through the local school districts. Group not currently being offered.


Anti-Human Trafficking/Exploitation Advocacy Program

The average age of entry into the commercial sex industry is just 12 years old. Often lured by promises of love and acceptance, youth are easy targets for traffickers, and leaving becomes a dangerous and frightening endeavor. Reach’s anti-trafficking advocate works with law enforcement, prosecutors and victims to provide response, outreach, support and advocacy services. The Anti-trafficking advocate works with the Youth & Teen Advocates to provide targeted outreach and education to vulnerable and at-risk students throughout Winnebago County using evidence-based curriculum developed to address the growing problem of trafficking among this student population. Group not currently being offered.


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