Community Education

Community education and public awareness about trauma and violence is at the core of the mission of Reach. Topics for these education programs concentrate on healing and treatment for trauma; sexual assault, harassment and violence; domestic abuse; personal safety; coercion; sexting; cyberbullying; establishing boundaries; assertiveness skills and more.

Reach is Currently Offering:

Trauma Informed Symposium 2019

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    Mark your calendars for 

    April 23 -24, 2019

    Best Western Waterfront Hotel and Conference Center, Oshkosh WI 

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Fundraising Events

R.I.P. Desserts at the Reserve


    Has Been Cancelled 

    Since 2001 Reach has held our annual Desserts event to raise much needed revenue that supported our 4 Programs:  Counseling, Victim Advocacy, Prevention Education and Sex Offender Treatment.  

    Over the past  couple years we came to realize the life span of this special event was coming to an end.  This year, without the volunteer leadership needed to accomplish the event, it was decided to put Desserts to Rest. 

    But do not dismay lovers of Reach and all things Sweet!!  We are working on bringing something new and different to our supporters.  

    Thank you to all who supported Just Desserts and Desserts at the Reserve over the years.  We are honored by your generosity, hard work and support of our mission through this event.  We hope you will come to embrace those events we develop moving our work forward in this amazing community we call the Fox Valley!