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About Us

Reach Counseling provides mental health care committed to the understanding of and response to emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Since 1976, Reach has worked to heal lives of abuse victims and hold perpetrators accountable through innovative programs in education and outreach, victim advocacy, outpatient therapy, counseling and sex offender treatment.

As a trauma-specific outpatient clinic, we:

  • Offer a safe and secure environment for all clients and staff
  • Provide evidence-based, best practices in treatment and response
  • Evaluate and transform internal organizational policies and practices.
  • Engage in community outreach, collaboration and partnership building
  • Respond through a culturally sensitive lens recognizing diverse values, beliefs and histories implicit to experiencing trauma

Important Message


Message from Reach Counseling regarding Coronavirus

Brief Update

 Reach will continue to see clients by Telehealth and at our Neenah location.  Reach therapists are working both remotely, through Telehealth, and in person.  Reach advocates are now presenting in person for all sexual assault exams at local hospitals and continue to work with the DA and County courts, as they resume hearings and trials over the next several weeks.

  • All Staff and Clients must wear face masks. 
  • Doors will be locked.  Please call from your car and a staff person will meet you at the door. 
  • We are now taking new clients.                                                                                      

Please stay posted to our Facebook page for future updates and resources. 

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to provide services to current and new clients in all programs.  Advocates will respond to victims via phone, virtually or in-person depending on individual needs.  Educators will continue to provide virtual education for students, staff and parents who are struggling to maintain safety and sanity during this time.  Crisis calls are being responded to 24/7. 


Reach knows that for trauma survivors times such as these can trigger trauma responses and reactions.  Being closed in with family members for weeks can create difficult situations that may lead to fear and feelings of helplessness, as well as safety issues.  We are here to help!  Call us at 920-722-8150.  


We are all in this Pandemic together and need to observe the safeguards of staying home, staying safe and keeping 6 feet of physical distance if you must go out!   Let us show each other compassion and kindness in this time of crisis.  We are more alike than we are different.  Let’s hold on to that!


Thank you for your continued support of Reach and our Mission.


Reach Counseling has a long history of meeting the needs of individuals, families and communities throughout the Fox Valley. Established in 1976 as the Winnebago County Sexual Assault Response Team, the agency was dedicated to the prevention of sexual abuse, incest and rape, and to offer advocacy and support to victims.

With an ongoing commitment to the well-being of the Fox Valley, the agency became a licensed outpatient mental health clinic in 1993. Adding long-term, outpatient clinical services to prevention education, advocacy, counseling and offender treatment programs created a systemic approach of prevention, response and treatment. Understanding how incidents of sexual and physical abuse create trauma responses in the body and mind, Reach was working with hundreds of individuals and families annually through counseling and advocacy by 2001.

Reach has been a leader in identifying changing needs and responding with innovative programming in education, outreach, counseling and treatment.


Kristen Trimberger
  • Director/CEO
Kim Hlavka, NCC, LPC, SAC, CCTP
  • Clinic Manager - Lead Therapist
Anna Bunker
  • Prevention Education Manager/Youth and Teen Advocate
  • Sex Offender Treatment Manager - Therapist
Ciara Hill, BS
  • Advocacy Program Director, Victims Advocate
Laurie Heimann
  • Business Manager
Heidi Paessler, LPC, NCC, CCTP
  • Adolescent & Adult Therapist
Caylee Vos, MSE
  • Child & Family Therapist
Tracie La Rue Moen
  • Case Manager
Noelle Fenwick
  • Development and Marketing Manager
  • Anti-Human Trafficking/ Exploitation Advocate
Tim Smith, MSW-APSW
  • Resident Therapist
Isaac Dorn
  • Outreach Educator
Mary Carmen Fabian, BA
  • Latina Outreach Advocate
Julie Thao
  • Sexual Assault Victim Advocate
Alexandria Black
  • Volunteer Coordinator Victim Advocate

Board Members

Kathi Seifert- Katapult LLC
  • Board Advisor
Brenda Schuh- Presto Products (Retired)
  • Board President
Ruth Bohman- Appleton Lathing Corporation
  • Board Treasurer
Brianna Propson- Oshkosh Corporation
  • Board Secretary
April Bennett- CLA Finance
  • Board Member
Scott Decker- About Health (Retired)
  • Board Member
Christopher Moss- CLA Wealth Advisors
  • Board Member
Brian Defferding- Ledgeview Partners and Winnebago County Board Member
  • Board Member
Steve Cavness- Ascension Medical Group (Retired)
  • Board Member
Dave Johnson- Pfefferle Real Estate and Residential Real Estate (Retired)
  • Board Member
The Hummingbird

In nature, hummingbirds embody perseverance, strength and resilience. They can travel great distances and even fly backwards.

For Reach, the hummingbird represents resilience in overcoming trauma and is the symbol of life, great strength, fearlessness, courage and adaptability. The hummingbird challenges us to open our hearts and confide in others.

Be resilient